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We all know that FAQs are a good way to cover questions that are truly frequently asked as well as a way to introduce ideas to visitors, such as using the question, "Do you carry lenses that will filter harmful blue light?" to provide a response about your offerings in this type of lens, based on your marketing goals.

Are the websites easy to maintain?

Yes. We have combined typical website content management features with controls that have an optical practice specifically in mind. Then we added help pages to explain how to use the site controls. Our aim was to make managing your website as easy to do as your social media page or buying something online.

Are the website controls hard to learn?

There is a small learning curve but, where we could, we made many of the various controls similar to each other. For instance...once you know how to add a service to the Service page you also know how to add FAQs since the controls are identical.

How do I load pictures on the site?

This is often the hardest function to manage on a self-maintained website, so we knew it had to be right. Our custom picture Edit & Place system just requires you have a picture that is larger than the size to be used on the website. Using the Edit & Place controls you are able to select the portion of the picture that you want to display in the size allowed and it then places the picture on the right page.

How do I connect to a 3rd party appointment system?

Note the link boxes under the text on the home page: Appointments, Order Contacts, etc. If you are using a 3rd party system for appointments, contact refills or an on-line store you can paste your link to that system in the appropriate field in the site admin and the link will show on the home page. There are also two custom link boxes that allow you to modify the text in the link box and add a link to other 3rd party sites such as for vitamins, medical records, etc. If you do not add the link in admin the link box will not display.

Can I display logos for frame vendors?

Short answer is "no." We opted to display text names only as the variety of shapes of logos make it more difficult for our average user to manage in a way that looks professional. Plus, listing the text names for frames styles allows search engines to know what frames are on the site.