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Dan Welcome to our demo site. All the pages on the site will have text that describes the features of the page and how they are controlled.

The digital file of your logo can uploaded in the administration section of the site.

The phone numbers at the top and the addresses to the left are all automatically filled from a page containing your practice information. The Twitter and Facebook icons and links are also controlled with your practice information.

The home page image can rotate through up to four images or it can be set to just display one.  We highly recommend you use nice images from your practice for a more personal touch.

The graphical links to the left: Appointments, Order Contacts, Online Store and Custom Text Link are all  optional and do not display unless you have added an associated 3rd party website link in the Admin section. The title text in the Custom Text Link graphic is customizable. Other button titles are fixed.

This is a special container that can be used for features such as holiday hours, announcements or product specials.